D.U. Founder DJ Dimepiece Gives Tips On How to Make Time For Yourself, Bringing More Happiness Into Your Life

Are you a priority?  If you are, that’s great but where exactly are you on your priority list?  If you’re reading this, I’m sure that means you’re not quite at the top of the list and thats ok!  I’m here to share my experience and how to move up to the top; The top of the priority list and you can too!

I too was the workaholic and barely touched my bed for sleep until is was time to do it all over again.  Until, I added one easy step to my schedule; Making time for myself and it’s the best thing that I have ever done.  Success is something most of us desire and that’s not a bad thing.  My passion for media kept me extremely busy but has allowed me live out so many dreams but I’d often find myself living a repeating schedule: Sleep, wake up, work, sleep and repeat.  Not really enjoying the benefits that my passion offered because I was so consumed in work.  I wanted to be the best and that takes hardwork and determination.  It also takes being happy and healthy.  Unfortunately in this industry, we have lost a lot of greats due to being overworked, stressed and not actually living life.  We can work SO MUCH and life literally passes us by.

Don’t get me wrong, to be successful takes long days and sometimes long nights but what good are you if you’re not in a place to where you can actually do the work and enjoy it?  Doing this easy step can help.  Making Time For Yourself.  The simplest things can bring wellness and eliminate stress making you an entirely different person!  From your appearance, to your health, the way you look at life and situations, making time for yourself can affect those things.  In order to achieve goals and complete tasks, you must have the right mindset.  Increasing your happiness and wellness can trigger positive thoughts and actions to help get the job done! It all starts with making time for yourself.  If you believe you are worth it (YOU SHOULD BECAUSE YOU ARE), you must make it a priority to set a few minutes, hours or even days to dedicate to you.  If not, this exercise will not work.  It literally all starts with YOU!

The art of making time for yourself is all about finding those things that you truly enjoy, would want to do more of or that makes you happy.  Here’s a few things that I have found successful in increasing my happiness that can help you as well:

  • Catching a movie – This believe it or not was something I would NEVER have time to do!  I love grabbing snacks, finding the perfect seat and enjoying time away from the world as I watch a movie that takes me into another! Being a movie buff has always been my thing being that i’ve always had a crazy imagination and have been a creative.
  • Traveling – We all day dream of sandy beaches and cold drinks, so why not plan a trip there!  Hustlers even need a vacation and you should not deprive yourself of that.  Even if its hopping on the open road for a local getaway.  Getting away from your comfort zone brings new things, new thoughts and expands you! In result, you’ll return back home a refreshed and rejuvenated person.
  • Reading – When it comes to books, I never had time.  I used to always purchase audible books but really couldn’t get into the literature because I would have to listen as I knocked out work.  I recommend finding a quite place; maybe your den, home office, peaceful place in the park or even a bookstore and make time to engulf yourself into a good read and escape.
  • Exercising – Although this is recommended for good health, it can also be a great way to release stress and add energy.  If you’re not athletic, no worries.  A nice walk/jog inside out is perfect, slap on some tunes and go!
  • Praying/Mediating – Whatever it is that guides you spiritually, I suggest you make time to connect daily!  Sometimes. we can let work takeover and have control when truly our higher belief is in control.  When you know and master that, you will indeed always be at the top of your priority list when it comes to living a happy and stress free life.

Hope these tips help!  And don’t feel overwhelmed!  Take your time as long as you are making time for yourself, thats what matters!  Making yourself a priority can go a long way and you will see results.  You’ll be come a better person.  Not just for yourself but for others around you.

Until the next page in Dime’s Diary…




-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”


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